We are happy to announce that our executive engineer is now back to health and getting married! Lots have been going on with Coral Island lately!

First of all we are thrilled to tell you that if you jump over to Kids Find Truth you will see that we are busy launching a FREE scientific educational course for children to take with video, audio, and tests!

Our programs have been airing, and right now, our engineers are getting ready to grab their gear and start again!

But hey! It was a great pit stop! Getting married is a big step but what’s so cool is that the Coral Island Team isn’t done recording!

For all of you who are patient with us:

Meet the new couple!

Christopher Shelton and Janessa Cooper are getting married this December to start a new year of excitement that is happening in real life!

Coral Island Adventures will continue to advance on the airwaves across the world! We look forward to see how the Lord advances his kingdom through a new leap of cool events!


The Coral Island Team