The Legendary Adventure Series II. Review

Series II Cover

#00014 The Seeds of Doubt

“He's running with codes to the government!”

    After an anonymous phone-call, Jamie is challenged about her father's affiliation with the E.I.S. University and a secret is revealed about his past job for the college. In desperate strides to clear her father of horrendous accusations, and researching the college database, Jamie discovers criminal charges against her father who is also wanted dead or alive!

     It seems there are unanswered questions. Is Dr. Towers a criminal!? A traitor? Does he have top secret information the college is after? How can Jamie believe he is simply running for his life due to his religious beliefs? How can Jamie trust her father when she feels he is the enemy? Confused and feeling betrayed, Jamie, and the T.R.U.T.H. team attempts to determine Dr. Tower's intentions, and amidst the confusion, the struggle in the Tower's home is evident: That is if they can keep it from burning to the ground!

MORAL: Trusting parents.

#00015 Flight of Fear

“Just remember at the end of your losing battle you've been warned!”

     A hair-raising bone-chilling phone-call rings out in the Adams household. How did Dr. Franklin know that Dr. Towers was there? And is tracking his every move and conversation!? Going to the Attic of Maurice Abner's genius laboratory, it's time to try to out-whit the mysterious Doctor; But how can they make plans with a transmitter recording their every word and knowing their location? How can they escape?
     It's up to Maury and Molly and their brilliance to make the bug malfunction and get Dr. Towers to safety! A plan that backfires! And Dr. Towers declares war! Whether it's cowering in the Janitor's closet or ducked down amidst the cars at the municipal airport, Dr. Franklin is more than serious to bring them down!

Moral: Anger vs Self Control.

#00016 The Dangerous Exploration

“We want to dedicate Coral Island to you our Creator!”

     It's time to dedicate the island and scout around to locate a good place to build the Science Entertainment Center! When everyone takes off in groups to explore different parts of the island, whether its discussing radio isotope dating methods and evolution, coming across spiritual struggles and giant footprints, each group is on an exploration all its own! But the most exciting of all, Giant snakes, Large Crabs and secret tribal villages hidden in a secluded savanna guarded by a pride of lions leaves unanswered mysteries!
There's a secret about Coral Island that is unknown! Animals seem to lurk all around them! And with the size of footprints...what could possibly be so large? And what good is an island full of secrets if Dr. Franklin's henchmen burn it to the ground?

Morals: Salvation and Creation

#00017 The Dynamic Discovery

“It's mother is over there! Looks like she's been ran over by a big mac truck!” 

     A Baby Chimp's mother is found trampled by a large foot! What in the world could be so gigantic!? It seems that everyone finding large footprints and discoveries are very odd.
When talking to Orlin, he seems to know who made them! “Dinozoru Mkubwa Sana” In the twilight of evening, a small group returns to the island to see the “Big long-necked beast” and are shocked to find the secret of Dr. Macintosh and Dr. Berman on the Apatosaurus! When the truth stomps right in front of their eyes, Dr. Towers is not only impressed, but Duane admits to Marty his difficult big decision to Believe.
In among the adventures, Dr. Towers tells Duane exactly what is going on with Dr. Franklin, and it seems there's something deeper to the Evil Doctor's plans than an island and codes!

Morals: The Family Foundation/True Friendship

#00018 The Beginning Legend

““Look! A bottle with a piece of paper in it!” 

     It seems the FBI have swarmed the creation institute Dr. Towers is currently out of: the A.N.S.W.E.R.S. Society. Agent Milton is afraid that Franklin will visit the institute to try to get information on Dr. Towers.
Meanwhile, the T.R.U.T.H. team trudges through the jungle to check up on Orlin. When a 32 foot Anaconda hinders them on their way, it seems that's not the only discovery! They are about to come across an adventure wrapped up in small pieces of paper jumbled with Swahili and English that make no sense! Jumping in the middle of a mysterious legend of a boat named the Nether and missing gold, Orlin is not excited to join the T.R.U.T.H. team in the hunt that could end their very lives!

Moral: Friendship/Testimony

#00019 The Durnell Disaster

““There's danger to everything so are you in or not?!”

     When the Durnell family moves in unexpectedly to the Adams large home, Uncle Sam and Aunt Becky, are in a tizzy! With Mark and Rachel on the war-path, it seems that sending them on the island to help the kids on their mysterious search for legendary treasure is a good idea!

     When the team stumbles upon their next clue And excitingly tells Rachel and Mark of the mysterious legend concerning gold, the Durnell kids join the search, with a mischievous conspiracy of their own. Mark spreads doubt of Orlin's motives.  Franklin is planning for Dr. Tower's demise. He ruins the blueprint and plans for further revenge! The Treasure hunt could possibly be more dangerous than Franklin's own agenda!

Moral: Peace with Enemies

#00020 The Controversial Camp-Out

“What! You mean someone is watching us!? Why and what's with poisonous snakes!?”

     Contention isn't only verbal! And when the Camp-fire discussion becomes heated with disagreements on evolutionary and scientific myths, the night hours hold more mysterious happenings! Who in their right mind would throw poisonous cobras into the girl's hut!? And if it was done purposely, who is stalking them? Is it Dr. Towers they are after? Who is following them and why? The FBI is still at work in their investigation on Dr. Towers and Dr. Franklin's Schemes. It seems that Agent Erickson must put his life on the line and work as a criminal in order to get into the interior of the EIS. But when Mark and Rachel put their lives on the line on a wild idea that the treasure is in the cave, will they get out alive!?

Moral: Creation and the Age of The Earth

#00021 Trapped In The Cavern I.

Why would someone put treasure in here and leave it behind unless it was booby trapped or something?”

      Mark and Rachel find themselves at the mercy of a large marine animal and stuck in flood-waters in a very dense and dark cavern! Even though help is on the way, Their friends are hindered by a danger all its own! Melony Parker is on the island trying to get Dr. Towers! When a deep pit doesn't work, and she open fires, Dr. Towers has only one option to save his life. But will they escape with Dr. Towers all in one piece, and in time to save Mark and Rachel?

With the water rapidly rising, and with Dr. Towers team not responding, Josh Jenna, Marty and Alex are forced to enter the flooded cavern to find Mark and Rachel, but the question stands: Will they survive the deadly waterfall?

Moral: Consequence: The Danger of Peer Pressure.

#00022 Trapped In The Cavern II.

Go get help!” “I need help NOW!”

     The matter is pressing! And the water is higher than ever! With the tide at full depth and the dangerous falls, and the children at the mercy of the “Mungu wa Asira” Will the great water beast attack the children? After running down a tunnel that opens up into a large room, there is only one possible way out...and when the provided way of help turns into a deadly accident. Josh and Jenna are forced to stay behind in the rescue! Will Josh and Jenna ever be found in the cave? And with the water's depths rising, how can two unconscious children keep their heads above water? Will they drown in the murky salt water? With a group outside the cave in desperate straights, and Brad Duane and Maury inside trying to find the kids, will they ever figure out they are going the wrong way? This adventure leaves no one the same!

Moral: Courage and Faith

#00023 The Unexpected Spy

Friend or Foe? Didn't he look familiar?”

     William Russell, the EIS architect is far from a friend, but with Dr. Tower's heart attack Josh's coma, and Jenna's pneumonia they are more than willing to let him head up the foundation laying. Little do they know he is a tool in Franklin's hand ready to pull the next plan! Ruining the entire foundation! With Josh's serious condition after his deathly fall in the cavern; and in a coma, everyone is told to tell Joshua goodbye as he slips away. With many tears, emotion, and prayers how in the world can things get any worse?

     Returning to work, in the police station, Jim Abner answers the phone to a heart-wrenching report that will impact everyone for eternity! It seems that death knocks on more than one door in one day!

Moral: Trust And do not Fear.

#00024 The Permanent Destruction

The Baby was the only survivor!”

      After a terrible car accident in Santa Rosa California, the Adams parents and little Andy are gone forever. Jim is forced to be the 'bearer of bad tidings' to the entire group. How can Josh possibly know about his family in a coma? And with Jenna so sick, Alex is at his whits end! Sam and Becky are left to try to hold the rest of the family together, and how can they break it to Jenna in the hospital that everyone she loves is dying? After the funeral Mark and Rachel are left to blame God for the incident, but in the hours of stillness Alex tearfully tells of the wondrous mercy and love of Christ he has extended to every hurting heart. Checking on the foundation hoping for some encouragement Sam and his team are distraught to find the foundation ruined. Can they at least save the foundation and rearrange their plans, or will thousands of dollars be wasted and the plans gone forever?

Moral: God's Sovereignty

#00025 Pain From Memory Lane

I don't remember what happened to make me forget!”

     Stumbling back onto the treasure hunt -in a bottle floating in the water of the foundation- it's time to get their mind off of all their loss and hope there is really gold after all!

     On their journey to the Big Gray Rock past Rinee, it seems the Rhinoceros has been keeping a secret hidden in the rocks for a very long time! One that brings the TRUTH Team to an exciting discovery! A gold coin!

     But when Josh's mind can't recall anything, something brings back an unwanted memory: Merlin Matthias and a Dark Wellington Castle! Trying to move forward without Josh is a little difficult, but it seems they are on the right course...that is if Martin Howard doesn't drown trying to get to it!

Morals: The Higher Authority/ Patience through hardships and illness

#00026 The Legendary Adventure

No no! Get me outta here!”

     When the legend points to the gold being in the very cave where the children nearly died, with a map of weird tunnels that leads to 'The hole of the dead', it seems the last and final clue to the treasure is leading them to the “Jaws of death'! With the promise of gold in the sacred Indian temple underground, the limerick leads them past the tunnels of artifacts to the place where sun moon and stars have been traced. But the question is: Will they survive the monster awaiting them when they get there? And when Josh's mind snaps and he becomes out of control, how do they successfully get out of the deep dark depths of the cavern in one piece...and most of all...what in the world was the treasure and how does it tie to the Wellington Castle Island?

Moral: Gold: The true value of trials.