During this very time I was discouraged, fearful and a stress mess! I cried more tears than I could count! All the actors were calling emailing and inquiring: What are we gonna do!?

I felt like Moses at the Red Sea with no way to cross!

We teach the Bible stories to our children but do we have the faith of the leaders who were there and watched the water part!?

I had a couple who said: “If every time is going to be like that, we quit!

I had another family say: “We decided we can’t commit to this”

And another who said: “I’m honored you ask but I’m not good enough for this project”

Another family called and said: “Do you think maybe God is saying to stop!?”


A call from my brother during all this commotion was astonishing! He said:

“Hey sis, I heard what’s going on, and I want to donate a PC and I was just endorsed by a company who gave me recording software for what you are doing! My boss is teaching me the software can I come over this week and show you how to run it!? Then you guys can use it any time!”

An old friend I had not heard from in years since I was a child called and said: “Hey Sweetie, You need a bad guy villain! I can be mean! I’m all in!!!”

Another family from Kansas called and said: “Hey we’re in! What do we need to do?”

The phone began ringing! Families with natural potentials to perform were crawling out from the woodwork!

The families I lost were immediately being replaced or coming back, and the equipment and computer were ready to roll!


Ian and I shared many conversations through-out this, along with Bro, Eliason.

Bro. Vic chuckled and said: “Wow You sure picked a good series title: The Beginning Adventure has been just that!”


But there was one more problem. The family that backed out  had a role a main one: We were missing Dr. Towers! Who could be Dr. Towers!?

It just so happened the Jamie character (Brad Tower’s daughter) Invited her father to come try out, and the first time ever, he picked up the script sat down and we began rolling without he ever trying out!


That day I was shocked to find every role had been filled for that day with that script. There were no gaps or missing actors and the episode fell into place.

When God does something, and he is in the drivers seat where he belongs, Things remarkable and miraculous happens! If we would just sit back, stop stripping gears stressing out and hand HIM the steering wheel! The ride is Amazing!