"There's an Island Beyond Brooklyn Point!"

The Crew on Setter's Island, near the Florida Keys, is getting ready to embark on an unusual life-changing adventure that could cost their very lives! When two boys walking home from school gets a wild idea, they aren't letting it go! The power of zeal is rampant as the whole crew on Setters Island embark on an adventure they can't wait to get their hands into! But unfortunately, they aren't the only ones wringing their hands! Merlin Matthias is able to listen to conversations over the telephone with the ESPA Machine! What happens when Merlin decides he wants the island himself!?

"Get on your stomach! This rope ought to hold you for a while!”

No! How did the enemy get on the island with Dr. Towers! And why are two disobedient boys at the mercy of a cougar after rowing to the island out of curiosity!? Dr. Towers is about to make a purchase that could end his very life! With new friends willing to aid him in his efforts, he also gets tied up in some death-threatening circumstances, will the evil villain Merlin Mathias decide to end the whole crew's efforts to spread the creation message or will two disobedient boys hinder Dr. Tower's progress for good? Oh no another adventure that will have you leaning forward in your seat!

Annie! Watch out for the------!” (WHAM!)

What can turn it's stomach inside out when eating!? And grow legs back that get broken off and looks like a spongy gell ball or a fern all at the same time and eats Coral?

The SPI team's endeavor to buy the island for Grandpa Abe is about to end tragically when an all-too-familiar scientist hits 6 year old Annie! We know we are to look both ways before crossing the street but with the good news it's easy to forget...but that kind of forgetfulness can ruin you for a lifetime!


“The Moment Jayna lets her little girl out of the house to have fun Then Wham!”

No! Don’t cross the street without—–(WHAM!) Can you believe it!? What’s going to happen with little Annie! She’s only six years old! And with her single parent, Jayna is about to go nuts! Especially when she finds out who did it!

While in the hospital an amazing story of Annie’s dad’s heroism in an abandoned fallen down house involving 9 year old Molly being kidnapped, Little Annie’s grandfather “Abe” tells the story of value, hurt and distrust, that has been restored so that Dr. Towers understands more about what that poor single mother has been through!

With little Annie in the hospital, in her pain, her determination behind buying an island leads her story to her deceased father’s vision to see God’s message proclaimed. The hospital room turns into a glimpse into Annie’s past, and the heart behind her actions. Annie’s past exposed Molly Abner’s deathly fate of kidnap, Merlin Mathias’ past crimes, and a police sting you will never forget!

"Can't God do the impossible? Do you think I'm crazy?"

Annie's dark past does not keep her from seeing the bright future, but can everybody else? Will Dr. Towers let his only child Jamie fellowship with the other kids, or is he protecting her from the unknown? This brings a story about theft, kidnap, death, romance, and a lesson of trust. Will the price of Souls pay for an island worth millions of dollars? While Annie is telling her adventure, the SPI team in Mr Abner's Attic is about to embark on a dangerous caper of their own!

"I want to be a brave daring stuntman that travels the world and does the impossible!"

When Martin Howard gets in the DREIM machine (a computerized refrigerator not yet completed) there is no way to get him out! The hand-held exit device is in pieces, and the assembling instructions are missing! How will the SPI team get him out? Marty experiences his dream of a stuntman, yet it ends in terror! Join the imaginative journey from Arizona to Colorado as Marty attempts some dares and stunts that could literally go down in history.

"Wow there's equipment up here! In the castle!”

When Marty won't talk about his experience and hides in his bedroom closet: Something in the machine went wrong. Will Mr. Abner figure out what's wrong with Martin?

When the Adams children are on vacation with their grandparents, and stumble upon a large abandoned castle, as they climb the stairs to the top peak of the castle tower they are shocked to find something up there they were not expecting and not at all desiring! A secret criminal operation that will lead themselves and the FBI into chaos!

"No! He's using the children for his crooked purposes!"

As the door slams shut in a darkened room far above all that is familiar, the dim lit dampness and the heavy storm is of little consolation to their ropes. They are reminded they are held captive at the mercy of an escaped prisoner and will jumping the wall of the castle tower by rope get them to freedom or will Merlin shoot from the top tower window before they can reach the waters of freedom? Is the news media right are the children dead!? Will Uncle Rob come to the rescue with the Atlantic Rescue Team's Helicopters? Or is it too late?!

"It's not going to be the same around here for a long time.”

When the only hope for Joshua's freedom is shot down, and beyond assisting Josh, How will Joshua Adams free himself from being a slave to Satan's work? When forced to do things against his will, can Joshua choose to be different? Meanwhile, with the FBI trying to help the Coral Island Crew recover from the sudden shock of Merlin Mathias, is the Agent sent to them really official? Or is this another set up to be attacked from an unknown source to accomplish Merlin's evil plans?

"Merlin's leaving! Where is he taking my grandson! We'll never find him!"

The Town of Basor is in a Tizzy! Including the FBI! Can anyone figure out who to trust to solve Merlin's case? Why is Martin Howard calling detective Baxter an imposture? Who is this mysterious man that calls the FBI? Merlin's brother! Oh no....! Join Michael, Albert and Agent Barry as their attempt to save Josh in the castle backfires, driving Merlin, and the stolen FBI equipment miles away! Will they ever win? And who is on the good side? And are the Adams children alive after all?

"Well, I hate adventure! In fact, I don't know how you talked me into riding in Dad's chopper!"

They took my Chopper! How when! Why!!! Rob couldn't believe it but sure enough his two teenagers decided to become the hero and set out to try to find their missing cousins!

Turmoil is only a few miles away! When Mark and Rachel land safely, and they discover kids came to their rescue, what happens when in mid-flight, the motor shuts completely down? Is Mark and Rachel going to survive in the process of saving other's lives? Or will they all perish by their own foolishness at the mercy of the sea?

"We're gonna hit hard! Every one BRACE!"

With a lost helicopter, with five stranded passengers left defenseless in a storm in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, their plight for rescue may not be answered in time! While the Atlantic Rescue Team is trying to form a plan of action, an FBI Agent finds a link to the orphan boy: Martin Howard, that he never dreamed possible!

With Marty's decision to go with Merlin's brother...to join the criminal operation, how can the FBI agent, Dick Baxter, get Marty back? Marty is about to discover the biggest event of his life! However, with a helicopter in the deep, two missing boys, and cantankerous teens, will anything ever come together?


"You're under arrest! You have the right to remain silent!"

It's decision time, for Michael Wellington's life. As his lost marriage adds a twist of unexpected surprise! However that isn't the only story that comes to a close. In the midst of all the action, will Marty stumble upon the greatest miracle of his lifetime!? And how will it all end? It's up to Josh and Merlin's Brother to save the day and capture Merlin Matthias once for all. But will Merlin's brother do the right thing and save them all, or turn on the FBI jeopardizing the whole community?