It happens. You’re in the studio waiting for someone to show up and they’re half an hour late, you, especially if you’re a punctual director and producer, want a decent excuse if there is going to be one right?

So we decided to continue the recording without the actor and hope they made it within a time slot where we could backtrack if need be.

You know the thoughts you think when impatient: “Where are they? Why are they late? Is is an acceptable excuse? And what exactly do I say when they get here!? How would God show his irritation? Would he be irritated??? Or would he try to understand?”

Well wasn’t I shocked speechless when the late comers step in and says:

“Sorry we’re late guys, stopped for some food on the way here, and ended up winning the waitress to the Lord so it took longer than we thought!”

           I went from feeling perturbed to very very STUPID!

The waitress had told them while they were eating that she had been praying for someone and his wife: Nancy said: “It’s pointless to pray if you don’t KNOW the One you are praying to….do you know who HE is?”

It shook her! Everyone should be able to pray to God!

But the sad reality is, if you do not know God, he is not at all inclined to hear your prayers!

Nancy explained that there is sin in each of us that separate us from God himself. If we do not acknowledge our guilty sinful state and ask for His forgiveness and put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, we are not one of his!

Jesus said: “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me, and I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish”

This lady bowed her head and asked to be one of the Shepherd’s Sheep and that he would forgive her sin that separated her from God!

I would dare say that is one excuse for being late that led into a praise the Lord session right there in the studio!

I jokingly said: “That’s a good reason to be late!”

I wonder, how many are going to wait until it’s too late before they realize they need GOD! And that one day, on the judgment day, there will be no excuses for not bowing to the King of King’s command to “Repent and believe the Gospel!”

Do you know Jesus!? Can he hear your prayers!?

Although the Lord took Nancy home to be with Him a year ago, she left a perfect example to be soul conscious and kind to those around you wherever you are! Reach someone today!