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Quizzical Questions Part I Series I. The Beginning Adventures!

It seems like your story ends but not really...there are always questions left unanswered! Is this on purpose?”

I respond with a resounding “Yes!”

Every book series ends with ongoing topics left unresolved!

In case you haven't asked the following question, we will help you out!

The following questions have been asked and I would love to answer them for you...well not completely, it would ruin plot in future episodes! But I can tell you to about every question is a hidden answer!

#1. Why did Merlin have the ESPA and what was he really using it for?

#2. If Barry was always and FBI agent why didn't they arrest Merlin a long time ago?

#3. How did Merlin get the ESPA so easily if it was top secret government equipment!?

It is odd that Merlin has the ESPA isn't it? But have you ever thought that someone helped him escape out of prison and paid him to use the ESPA? And if so it had to be someone much higher up! Obviously more intelligent than Merlin.

And if the FBI is trying to find out who is behind Merlin's prison break to get the big guy...why would they throw their 'decoy' ie. 'Merlin' back in prison without ever knowing who is really behind the E.S.P.A. being stolen?

And don't you think 'Melvin' is trying to figure out why Merlin was so pin-pointed on a little island? Let's call that his job!

Some big dogs higher up told Merlin not to let anything or anybody on that island for a specific reason. There is something close by they want no one to know about!

When will you find out who the big dog is? Why series II! What's the secret operation? Wow! You will find out in the next 3 series'!

#3 Let's face it, stealing government equipment is nigh to impossible unless that equipment is still being worked on and in an individual's home. Merlin was paid a very high price to get that ESPA and although it has a tracking device inside its database, the government realizes the ESPA is just a small part of their global scheme.

Call it a piece to their puzzle, and the FBI want to see what they are using it for and why!


E lectronic

S ecurity

P atrol

A ssistant

Was created off one special satellite source. And for Merlin to be able to run it off something else makes the FBI wonder what is controlling it! They have to find the source and destroy it (Series IV)

Deep deep stuff that I can't wait for you to hear!

Stay tuned for Part II!

Quizzical Questioners Part II. The Beginning Adventure Series I.

It seems like your story ends but not really...there are always questions left unanswered! Is this on purpose?”

#4. Why does Merlin hate Coral Island and how did he just happen to stumble upon the conversations concerning the island!?

#5. Why was it a big deal that Merlin didn't want them to build on the island and was trying to buy it? What personal reason did he have?

#6. Why didn't Merlin just shoot to kill Dr. Towers in Episode #00002?

All very good questions: This tells me that listeners are catching onto everything!

It is a good question. Who would he care about a dinky little island what it is used for? Many a common listener shrugs and says he hates Christians so that's reason enough, but there is a deeper reason to Merlin's madness.

It's absurd to think an outlaw is simply hiding out in a castle tower playing with a machine just for the joy of it and picking on a certain group of people for no apparent reason.

Oh no! There is a hidden agenda!

Merlin was stationed there by the ones paying him highly to watch over that specific geographical area! All phone conversations were tagged with the words: Island, scientist, Brad Towers, and other key words that would beep on the ESPA for them to listen to.

That is how every conversation concerning the island was heard!

Once this phone number was identified with the island it was marked on the system and constantly monitored!

But why? And what is it about the island that is so conspiratorial!?

And why would Merlin Mathias call all his evolutionist friends to buy an island with no use? For 3 million?

Why did he want to buy it?

Because that island is hiding something very valuable that no one can know about. Not even Merlin! And he was paid to protect that area...even if it meant purchasing that piece of land himself.

Ever wonder what was so mysterious about the purchase? Hmmm...

And the next question: Why didn't Merlin just kill Dr. Towers in Episode 2 than simply tie him up?

Well Dr. Towers is another piece to this puzzle! He has something that Merlin's boss wants! And that is discussed in Series II a lot!

Who is Merlin's big boss? I can tell you that but watch out! His name is Dr. Bruce Franklin!

Quizzical Questioners >Who is Barry/Melvin?

Barry Braughman was an FBI agent who secretly found Merlin Matthias's hiding place in the Wellington Castle! Pretending to be very unintelligent was the only way to hear a little of Merlin's ideas! How did he find Merlin? Simple! The ESPA has a tracking device! All he had to do was follow it!

Quite s imple. But it only works when the machine has power. And it is also controlled by solar power.

Although it seems Melvin is very simple, he is very young but not simple. It's all a ploy! Melvin and Barry are one in the same! And at that does a great job at hiding he is with the FBI.

Although, Merlin caught on because he heard a conversation between the FBI radios which is another quandary! How?

The FBI uses their own special radio communication that cannot be picked up except by their own special satellite and the only way Merlin could have heard them is if another satellite could read it, or he had access to the FBI's satellite (And he didn't)

Ever wonder about that?

Perhaps I am in way over your head, but series IV. will have every answer you could possibly wish for that ties everything together

Quizzical Questioners:

Is Jonas/Jim the same character?

Nelson Bunch enjoys playing both Jim and Jonas! When asked which one he liked best, we were all surprised that Jonas was his personal favorite! We all like Jonas! But doesn't he make you a bit nervous with his rambling on and on in his Jonish Jibberish!? Half of what he says isn't even an English word! How funny! But we wanted to throw something in there to make you laugh and even if you chuckle just a little bit we have succeeded by sticking this character in the first two series of Coral Island!

Current Calendar!

Scripting Series IV has been a great challenge! After all! We do love adventure! In fact if I had my wish that's all I would put into my stories!

But without truth and moral, we really have no purpose for a story, and that is the problem I find in my writings. How do we make this crazy story count for something? And what can families take away from the program that will help them in every day life?

It seems as things progress things get more intense! I mean MORE INTENSE! However I realize when the engineer is mixing and forgets to breathe it's a little too much!