22. Trapped In The Cavern II – Downloadable MP3


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“Go get help!” “I need help NOW!”
The matter is pressing! And the water is higher than ever! With the tide at full depth and the dangerous falls, and the children at the mercy of the “Mungu wa Asira” Will the great water beast attack the children? After running down a tunnel that opens up into a large room, there is only one possible way out…and when the provided way of help turns into a deadly accident. Josh and Jenna are forced to stay behind in the rescue! Will Josh and Jenna ever be found in the cave? And with the water’s depths rising, how can two unconscious children keep their heads above water? Will they drown in the murky salt water? With a group outside the cave in desperate straights, and Brad Duane and Maury inside trying to find the kids, will they ever figure out they are going the wrong way? This adventure leaves no one the same!