21. Trapped In The Cavern I – Downloadable MP3


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“Why would someone put treasure in here and leave it behind unless it was booby trapped or something?”
Mark and Rachel find themselves at the mercy of a large marine animal and stuck in flood-waters in a very dense and dark cavern! Even though help is on the way, Their friends are hindered by a danger all its own! Melony Parker is on the island trying to get Dr. Towers! When a deep pit doesn’t work, and she open fires, Dr. Towers has only one option to save his life. But will they escape with Dr. Towers all in one piece, and in time to save Mark and Rachel?
With the water rapidly rising, and with Dr. Towers team not responding, Josh Jenna, Marty and Alex are forced to enter the flooded cavern to find Mark and Rachel, but the question stands: Will they survive the deadly waterfall?