23. The Unexpected Spy – Downloadable MP3


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“Friend or Foe? Didn’t he look familiar?”
William Russell, the EIS architect is far from a friend, but with Dr. Tower’s heart attack Josh’s coma, and Jenna’s pneumonia they are more than willing to let him head up the foundation laying. Little do they know he is a tool in Franklin’s hand ready to pull the next plan! Ruining the entire foundation! With Josh’s serious condition after his deathly fall in the cavern; and in a coma, everyone is told to tell Joshua goodbye as he slips away. With many tears, emotion, and prayers how in the world can things get any worse?
Returning to work, in the police station, Jim Abner answers the phone to a heartwrenching report that will impact everyone for eternity! It seems that death knocks on more than one door in one day!