14. The Seeds of Doubt – Downloadable MP3


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     After an anonymous phone call, Jamie is challenged about her father’s affiliation with the E.I.S. University and a secret is revealed about his past job for the college.

     In desperate strides to clear her father of horrendous accusations, the library is the perfect place for research! Upon stumbling across the college database, Jamie discovers criminal charges against her father! He is wanted dead or alive! What does this mean!? Is he good or bad?

     It seems there are unanswered questions. Is Dr. Towers a criminal!? A traitor? Does he have top secret information the college is after? How can Jamie believe he is simply running for his life due to his religious beliefs? How can Jamie trust her father when she feels he is the enemy? Confused and feeling betrayed, Jamie, and the T.R.U.T.H. team attempt to determine Dr. Tower’s intentions. Amidst the confusion, the struggle at the Tower’s house is evident: That is if they can keep it from burning to the ground!