24. The Permanent Destruction – Downloadable MP3


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“The Baby was the only survivor!”
After a terrible car accident in Santa Rosa California, the Adams parents and little Andy are gone forever. Jim is forced to be the ‘bearer of bad tidings’ to the entire group. How can Josh possibly know about his family in a coma? And with Jenna so sick, Alex is at his whits end! Sam and Becky are left to try to hold the rest of the family together, and how can they break it to Jenna in the hospital that everyone she loves is dying? After the funeral Mark and Rachel are left to blame God for the incident, but in the hours of stillness Alex tearfully tells of the wondrous mercy and love of Christ he has extended to every hurting heart. Checking on the foundation hoping for some encouragement Sam and his team are distraught to find the foundation ruined. Can they at least save the foundation and rearrange their plans, or will thousands of dollars be wasted and the plans gone forever?