The Legendary Adventures Series II. CD ALBUM


5 Disc Set of audio adventures

13 Episodes

Over 5 and 1/2 hours of fun listening.

All in one plastic clip case for easy storage!

A ‘Series’ of mysterious events is still unfolding! Unanswered questions about her fathers past sends Jamie on a hunt to reveal the sole purpose her father purchase Coral Island and ran from the science conferences. Dr. Tower’s old Boss from the Evolutionary Institute of Science (EIS) doesn’t breathe empty threats and confirms Jamie’s suspicions. Her father is in big trouble for hiding top secret information intrusted to him by the EIS and Dr. Franklin: Illegal information that even the FBI wants to get their hands on! But how does Merlin and the E.S.P.A. fit into Franklin’s agenda? Why does he intend to destroy the island!? And is Dr. Towers a wanted criminal?

To the demise of Towers and friends, Coral Island’s unexpected legend distracts the entire crew! While Franklin and his minions are tracking them down, who would think that a stranger is living on the island with his animals! Is the Island’s long lost legend -mingled in Swahili tucked away in tiny glass bottles- really the legend of the Mad god? And will Orlin Mugaanda scare them into giving up the hunt?

As if being attacked by a Rhinoceros, lions, Anacondas, Pitfalls, chased, tracked, ambushed, shot at, or trapped in a deadly cavern, isn’t exciting enough when Dr. Towers has a heart attack, Jenna and Josh are hospitalized, and death visits the little crew, how can they hang on to the faith they once held dear? Will the Legendary Adventure of ‘Nether’s Gold’ bring them to the conclusion to be ‘Gold tried in the fire?’

A lesson on courage, faith and trust in the midst of dire and bleak hopelessness.


14. The Seeds of Doubt
15. The Flight of Deception
16. The Dangerous Exploration
17. The Dynamic Discovery
18. The Beginning Legend
19. The Durnell Disaster
20. The Controversial Camp-Out
21. Trapped In The Cavern I.
22. Trapped In The Cavern II.
23. The Unexpected Spy
24. The Permanent Destruction
25. The Pain of Memory Lane
26. The Legendary Adventure

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