15. The Flight of Deception – Downloadable MP3


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      A hair raising, bone chilling phone call rings out in the Adams household. How did Dr. Franklin know that Dr. Towers was there? He is threatening that he is tracking his every move and conversation! So much like the devil himself!

     It’s time to visit the Attic: Maurice Abner’s genius laboratory! Can they outwit the mysterious Evil Doctor? How can they make plans with a transmitter recording their every word and knowing their location? How can they escape?
      It’s up to Maury and Molly and their brilliance to make the bug malfunction and get Dr. Towers to safety! A plan that backfires! And Dr. Towers declares war! Whether it’s cowering in the Janitor’s closet or ducked down between the cars at the municipal airport,

      Dr. Franklin is more than serious to bring them down but does his tactics work?

       It sure is good to have friends that help you when you are in times of trouble! But more importantly to help you keep your cool when everything seems to be going wrong!