17. The Dynamic Discovery – Downloadable MP3


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     “It’s mother is over there! Looks like she’s been ran over by a big Mac truck!”

     A Baby Chimp’s mother is found trampled by a large foot! What in the world could be so gigantic!? It seems that everyone is finding large footprints and discoveries that are very odd.
     When talking to Orlin, he seems to know who made them! “Dinozoru Mkubwa Sana” In the twilight of evening, a small group returns to the island to see the “Big long-necked beast” and are shocked to find the secret of Dr. Macintosh and Dr. Berman on the Apatosaurus! When the truth stomps right in front of their eyes, Dr. Towers is not only impressed, but Duane admits to Marty his difficult big decision to Believe.
     Among the adventures, Dr. Towers tells Duane exactly what is going on with Dr. Franklin, and it seems there’s something deeper to the Evil Doctor’s plans than simply an island and codes!