19. The Durnell Disaster – Downloadable MP3


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“There’s danger to everything so are you in or not?!”

     Rob and his misbehaving children, Mark, Rachel, and Alicia are moving in with the Adam’s kids! What a surprise! Uncle Sam and Aunt Becky, are in a tizzy! With the unruly cousins on the warpath with one another once again, it seems that sending them on the island to help the kids on their mysterious search for legendary treasure is not such a good idea!

     When the team stumbles upon their next clue they excitingly include Rachel and Mark on the fun hunt: The mysterious legend concerning gold! the Durnell kids join the search, but they have a mischievous conspiracy of their own. Exploring the cave!

Mark spreads doubt on Orlin’s motives. Franklin is planning for Dr. Tower’s demise as he plans to destroy the blueprint and plans for further revenge! The Treasure hunt could possibly be more dangerous than Franklin’s own agenda!