The Destructive Adventures Series III. Entire Downloads


Product Description

The WOW Center is under construction! But oh the chaos! These individual stories show the set backs of what happens when you try to accomplish something great and the forces of evil fight back!

Through deadly accidents, equipment failure, drunks, robberies, captives, talking envelopes, broken bridges, brain injuries, or bullets whizzing past your face, mysterious escapades, sinking ships, and deadly caves are only the beginning!
When armed men dressed in black demand Coral Island’s closing, all the work on the WOW Center has teen in vain and the crew has no decision but to surrender their 30 million dollar vision! Will they!?


NOW NEW! 2016:


  1. The Desperate Cry I.
  2. The Desperate Cry II.
  3. The Midnight Ransom I.
  4. The Midnight Ransom II.
  5. Price of Truth
  6. Hidden Rebel
  7. The Blind Deception I.
  8. The Blind Deception II.
  9. Silent Plight
  10. Destination Unknown I.
  11. Destination Unknown II.
  12. Destination Unknown III.
  13. The Grand Closing