20. The Controversial Camp-Out – Downloadable MP3


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“What! You mean someone is watching us!? Why and what’s with poisonous snakes!?”
Contention isn’t only verbal! And when the campfire discussion becomes heated with disagreements on evolutionary and scientific myths, the night hours hold more mysterious happenings! Who in their right mind would throw poisonous cobras into the girl’s hut!? And if it was done purposely, who is stalking them? Is it Dr. Towers they are after? Who is following them and why? The FBI is still at work in their investigation on Dr. Towers and Dr. Franklin’s Schemes. It seems that Agent Erickson must put his life on the line and work as a criminal in order to get into the interior of the EIS. But when Mark and Rachel put their lives on the line on a wild idea that the treasure is in the cave, will they get out alive!?