The Beginning Adventure Series I. CD ALBUM


5 Disc Set of audio adventures

13 Episodes

Over 5 and 1/2 hours of fun listening.

All in one plastic clip case for easy storage!


There’s an island out there that no one owns and it’s a rat race to get it and turn it into something amazing! The potential is endless, but it seems there’s something about Coral Island that warns of danger and unwanted peril! Is it due to an evil villain!?

Whether kidnapped and trapped in an abandoned castle, crashing in a helicopter, nearly drowning, tied up and gagged, shot at, chased after, hiking down a large castle tower, falling down a stairway, getting hit by a car, locked in a machine, hiding in a closet, discovering secret passages, or just ending up in the hospital there’s a peculiar villain at every turn!  Coral Island Adventures offers a fresh new collection of amazing events all wrapped up in science, mystery, and heart-thumping adventure!  To purchase Digital Downloads of any of the Coral Island Adventures visit the Adventure Store.


  1. The Mysterious Purchase Part I
  2. The Mysterious Purchase Part II
  3. The Unexpected Tragedy
  4. The Jewelry Heist Adventure
  5. The Priceless Gift
  6. The DREIM Machine Catastrophe
  7. The Attack From The Unknown Part I
  8. The Attack From The Unknown Part II
  9. The Attack From The Unknown Part III
  10. The Mysterious Man Part I
  11. The Mysterious Man Part II
  12. The Flight of Fear
  13. The Three-Fold Victory


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