04. The Jewelry Heist Adventure – Downloadable MP3


An Amazing Adventure of a little girl, her faith, her disobedience, and her salvation through a turn of events that would frighten, scare, yet change a little life for the better.

Moral: Parents always know best. Listen.

Product Description


“The Moment Jayna lets her little girl out of the house to have fun Then Wham!”

No! Don’t cross the street without—–(WHAM!) Can you believe it!? What’s going to happen with little Annie! She’s only six years old! And with her single parent, Jayna is about to go nuts! Especially when she finds out who did it!

While in the hospital an amazing story of Annie’s dad’s heroism in an abandoned fallen down house involving 9 year old Molly being kidnapped, Little Annie’s grandfather “Abe” tells the story of value, hurt and distrust, that has been restored so that Dr. Towers understands more about what that poor single mother has been through!

With little Annie in the hospital, in her pain, her determination behind buying an island leads her story to her deceased father’s vision to see God’s message proclaimed. The hospital room turns into a glimpse into Annie’s past, and the heart behind her actions. Annie’s past exposed Molly Abner’s deathly fate of kidnap, Merlin Mathias’ past crimes, and a police sting you will never forget!