02. Mysterious Purchase Part 2 – Downloadable MP3


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I’ve got to think of something to keep them from building on that island!

          When Paleontologist and Geologist Dr. Brad Towers, comes to the town of Basor.

          The distant island is being sold! But the question is to whom, and with whose money? Criminal Merlin Matthias is not about to stop! He needs this island for his personal gain, and it seems that while Dr. Towers decides it’s a good time to go to the island and scope it out, so does the evil, and two small boys in a borrowed canoe!

        When the boys decide to disobey their parents, between cougars, fear, running blindly through a foreign jungle, and guns and being tied up, it seems like their disobedience could have easily gotten them hurt in the process!

           When Merlin gets away and seems to have purchased the island with Dr. Tower’s money, it seems like the Creation message that they want the island to portray may not happen after all!