01. The Mysterious Purchase Part I – Downloadable MP3


Product Description


“There’s an Island Beyond Brooklyn Point!”

          The Crew on Setter’s Island, near the Florida Keys, is getting ready to embark on an unusual life-changing adventure that could cost their very lives! Marty and Ryan decide to stop by Brooklyn Point on their way to Mr. Abner’s Toy Store. Ryan was just collecting his shells like normal when Marty stumbles upon an amazing discovery! The power of zeal is rampant as the whole crew on Setters Island embark on an adventure they can’t wait to get their hands into!

          Unfortunately, someone else is wanting the same island for his twisted purposes! After a prison break, and with a criminal on the loose, it could get very interesting! Especially with a government computer system that has been stolen: The ESPA that can listen to phone calls and create storms! Who will get the island? Merlin the criminal or the team who wants to build a science center?