Outside The Box

My intention was to supply the episode scripts and hand them to an organization to perform.
It sounded simple. The question was who!? And even if we underwent such a task was the a guarantee of airing!? I was uncertain how they would ever go across the airwaves!

While talking to the Lord and asking “Are you sure!?” I came across Ezekiel 24:14:

“I the LORD have spoken it: it shall come to pass, and I will do it; I will not go back,
neither will I spare, neither will I repent; according to thy ways, and according to thy
saith the Lord GOD.”

God used those words to tell me like he did Moses and Solomon: “It’s not about you and your capabilities it is about me and my power to accomplish the impossible!

The words: “I will do it” Stuck in my mind. God’s promise to me! But I still had it out of my mind that I would actually produce the actual production! Did God ever have a whole different plan in mind! It wasn’t until I said “whatever you would have me to do Lord,” that the answers starting coming!

VCY America was a radio station my family had recently discovered and I wanted to call and ask them to help. Maybe they could do the drama! But why would you call and ask when all you had was thousands of pages of hand written materials? Only heard their programs and really didn’t know them?

So Sunday evening after much prayer, my little sisters and I prayed that if God wanted our show on VCY they would mention needing children dramas over the airwaves!

Monday conveyed a share-a-thon. A live event where they gain support and read the letters over the air. And wouldn’t you know! They said it! They were looking for children dramas to air on their network!

When contacting them they shared how that they never says things like that over the air but that the Lord had laid it on their heart and I was the only one that called in.

We found we shared like vision and excitedly talked about a studio they had available to record and they might could find someone in the Wisconsin area where they resided to perform my scripts.

They were a big help to us.

After a few months, we realized that there was no one to really do our scripts without knowing how to say things from the writer and needed a director. I was faced with a bigger decision. An impossibility.

At that time, my family traveled all over the states and singing and playing various musical instruments: telling others about the Lord. Producing an audio drama was impossible.

That is, until we realized that we weren’t going to travel anymore that spring and the Cooper Family journey was over. The reality was, even though God was impressing upon my heart to do a great task, I was putting God’s capabilities in a box, and weighing my own options little realizing there was yet an option god wanted I did not consider! Remember: God ALWAYS thinks ‘outside the box’!

Handing my pastor my script I had typed on a type-writer, he said let’s start recording it!

So here I had a radio station excited to hear it, my pastor wanting me to get started, and a road ahead full of unanswered questions not knowing how to begin!

But how, what, when, where, why, and who, were challenges met by tons of miracles! Miracles I cannot wait to share with you next time!