One BIG Science Ignoramus!
My journey in the scientific field of study began at age 11 when realizing dinosaurs was a reality not a fantasy!

2001 “Dinosaurs are a myth scientists created to prove evolution.” I was so confident that I was correct. “All those bones are either fake or to an animal existing today. They are lying about them. There are no such thing as dinosaurs or dragons.”

Where had I gotten this idea?
Thank goodness I was challenged! “There are dinosaurs…let me show you in your Bible.”
I was made aware of the accounts in Job, Psalms, then Isaiah! Dragons, Leviathans and Behemoths, popped out at me as I began to realize: gigantic bulky dinosaurs really did exist!
I had also been taught that dinosaurs were extinct. And did not exist today. And have talked with a man who declares that some still are alive even today!
Some Christian homes hate dragons and recognize them as a symbol of ‘evil’ or the ‘devil’. Thus children who love dragons and dinosaurs are refused from researching the matter. However: We are ignorant when it comes to Evilution and Truth. Shunning or unable to answer our child’s questions breeds a curiosity to find their own answers. As result, they seek someone who is more solid in their belief system than the average Christian: [Yet couldn’t be more incorrect!!] The Evolutionist!

2006 My endeavor to research the creation/evolution debate brought about a hesitancy in my parents. They were worried that the debate would make me doubt. But it only confirmed the faith I held! I had teens asking me questions about science and Christianity for which I had no solid answers. All I knew was ‘evolution’ is false. God created the world. But little did I know how ignorant I was!
I began to ask a lot of questions in my family’s travels across the US and became so curious about palaeontology, I borrowed a book from my brother, researched the library and read old books containing actual occurrences of man and giant dragons-like beasts. I was astounded.

I ran to all the science materials I could get my hands on, to learn about palaeontology, Geology, and what evolutionists believed and why.
A fire really ignited in me for science when debating a teenager soon afterward about dinosaurs and the age of the earth. I found I was an ignoramus! I felt stupid in the midst of this teen who went to explain the age of rock layers, fossils and dating methods.
I had no answers to the questions this teen had, so my brother and I set out on a journey to answer them! This led to thorough examinations of many many library books (mainly by evolutionists!)
I was able to take the information I gathered and compare the evidence. The lies were obvious!
I then went to the Bible, and Ph.D creationists who also gave me materials on the matter.
From then on, every teen with questions, was won over to Creation, and in turn Christianity! Even an agnostic at 18 years old said this statement:

“I don’t believe anything, but I will tell you I do think that evolution was a theory created my men to silence their guilty consciences!”

Does Science seem Greek to you?

“Be not ignorant of his devices” is a warning God tells us in his Word concerning Satan’s tactics. Our children need to know the facts about evolution, and be introduced to facts beyond imagining about our special Earth and our Amazing Creator.
A childhood desire to win souls sprouted into an amazing ministry that God laid on my heart soon afterward in 2009 December 31st you will have to come back next time to read exactly how this blossomed into God’s perfect will for my life!