It was a long day! In the middle if winter. The sun was shining when we began, but clouds of a wavy snow-forecasting appearance began rolling in.

Very new to audio media, and directing, our record days were always about 8 hours! (Of course we all fooled around and joked in between the scenes and one take took about an hour) and here we found at 7PM we were still plugging away!

Then it happened. My software became unresponsive, and the computer had locked up! No buttons would respond!

In my moment of panic and concentration completely concentrated upon the monitor, it dawned on me that the room had suddenly quieted.

Then I realized, I was staring unresponsive at the screen…as I had flipped to prayer mode and was spending that time going:

“God! I have no idea how to unlock a computer freeze! I don’t even know exactly how this software works! They’ve worked so hard all day for this! Please Lord…don’t let me lose this and tell me what to do…”

All ten to twelve actors present in the room were all staring at me, some praying, some hoping, and the rest had worry-knit brows deep.enough to plant a farmer’s crop of corn!

David Valkus had come for the first episode he had ever experienced, and needless to say we had tons of computer issues that day!

His character Albert and he were a lot the same…and his grandfatherly ways provided a bit of salve as he walked up and patted my shoulder in comfort saying: “Breathe in it’s okay…it’s alright…God’s in control here…It’s okay…”


I am not an emotional person…tears were not surfacing….and I think all the cast present was trying to figure what my reaction would be!

Apparently my silence was hard to translate. Was I praying? Panicked, or distressed silence!?


All three!

People were saying: just unplug it! Another said “try control-alt-delete”

But due to my lack of knowlege that the software had an automatic back up, I was scared we would lose the entire episode if I ended the process!

Today, our episodes have come so far we can knock out a story in about three hours. But when teaching, coaching, and learning, all in one session…the strenuous work brought migraines and one was beginning to develop.

It was winter, but using a room about 17×20, it still seems like a furnace ¬†from all the action…so we all began to perspire as the tension mounted.

Then one spake up then another: “It’s okay, none of us mind doing it over! Just unplug it and we will reboot!”

“Yeah…we can do whatever don’t worry about us!”

Another started in prayer.

Before I bowed my head, what I saw out our single window made my heart sink!

Snowflakes the size of my palm were falling so thick I could barely see my car!



My phone had been on silent so I was not aware that I was being called and told to pack up quick and head home an hour away! it was snowing so hard they forecasted over four to nine inches!

My mother who was there got the call on her phone and said pack it all up! Come on!


But there I stood not knowing what to do and my team was not about to leave me!

Finally: after figuring out accommodations for overnight nearby, and the actors determining to stick it out, I did the control alt delete and restarted the software.

The breath we had been holding for seemingly hours burst forth in praise the Lord!

The software restored the page, and the events were saved!

And we finished the episode and everyone slowly and cautiously headed for home!

I did not sleep until the last text came in from the last family:

“Made it home safe! Good night! Love you! It went great!”

So the lesson!? When things lock up look up! And when you see a blizzard when you look up don’t give up! God is in control!

P.S. You just might want to check the forecast!!!!