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Family Truth Ministries and Coral Island Adventures now invites you to jump over to "Join The Club" up top at the menu! Our Science Club is launched! 

Children of all ages may now explore an awesome science website where Action will be at its HIGH and they can learn about Science Scripture and Salvation from professional scientific resources all over the US!

Don't miss out on the action! Help us FUNd the adventures ahead and keep our website growing and operating! And consider supporting us on a monthly basis here at Family Truth Ministries! And while you're at it, buzz over to our new site: "The Ultimate Science Club for Kids!"     

The on-going financial need for such a project is very substantial, but the need for KIDS to FIND the TRUTH is a far greater importance! Jump into the daring rat race to "Take our Children Back" for the sake of the Truth -to the 'world' and back-!

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