The Legendary Adventure Series III. Review


#00027 The Desperate Cry I.

     The WOW Center towering high on Coral Island is almost ready to open to the public but a little more work needs to be done! While working hard and taking a break, the kids decide to head to the look out point three stories high in the elevator. When the generator quits leaving people trapped in the elevator and the other team stranded at the top, Joshua's mental condition leads him to believe he can get down by jumping over the railing! In the struggle to help Josh, Molly is forced to go down the scaffolding for help when she slips and everything worth this much chaos!?


MORAL: Work Ethic/ Making God the First Result.

#00027 The Desperate Cry II.

     Stuck in an elevator and feeling helpless, Jim Abner and Rob Durnell are trapped without options. Molly is hanging from the scaffolding nearing death when Joshua finally makes it out on the scaffolding an falls to the concrete floor below. Meanwhile, Mr. Abner was on the ladder in the dark and in his deadly fall is lying unconscious and awaiting professional help. In all the commotion what makes the greatest solution was something so simple and yet so easily over-looked comes from a little boy who loves his Lord and comes in his own way to the rescue. In the long run they learn that work is important and that God should always be the first resort!


MORAL: Work Ethic/ Making God the First Result.

#00028 The Midnight Ransom I.

     It's a fight again, Brad and Jayna have been at it the entire series...but when Brad goes to seriously ask Jayna to proceed in a serious relationship toward marriage, Jayna is outraged. When struggling with her thoughts to surrender to the will of the Lord, she is caught up in a walk through the jungle with her dad. While visiting Orlin Muganda, and finding he had vanished a ransom note in an odd fashion leads everyone on a very dangerous attempt to ransom Orlin from the kidnappers for the price of the golden coins they had recovered from the Coral Island Cave.

MORAL: Surrender to God.