Look What Is Releasing Soon!

We know you have been waiting on Series 4 and we are happy to announce that October the 7th we hope to begin airing a brand new “The Cyberspace Adventures” to our audience!

CD sets and downloads will be available we pray before Christmas! And a very special price for all four that we hope your family will be able to afford!

And we’re still spending time in the studio!

Series 5 is underway and we anticipate collecting 13 more stories that teach as well as educate and entertain.

Please continue to keep our team in your prayers and keep updated with out other ministries:

Family Truth Ministries and Kids Find Truth Science Club

NEW! We have reduced the price of our CD albums!

You can now order the sets all 3 for $60.00 or $20.00 each and we pay for the shipping!

Check it out in the store under “Entire Series” And look for the words “CD Album”