One thing I love about my actors is when they are reading their script and then wham! They realize what they are saying and it impacts them!

A couple instances was when one of my 13 year-old boys (actor) came into the studio and flopped the lines in front of me and said: “Was I supposed to read this?”

“Why sure! Why, you’re not in the scene?”

He shook his head. “No. But I read this!”

The scene was where the question was asked that Darwin asked: “Why would a God of love let ________happen???”

With a very somber face he said: “This changed my life.”

And went on to explain a situation in his life that had caused some bitterness deep down and he had settled it with the Lord..after the scene explained man’s curse and sin.

Words cannot express my joy!

Another account was Albert reading a verse in the book of Acts about “God commandeth all men everywhere to repent”

In the middle of His lines he turns to me and says: “Did you catch that!? All Men EVERYWHERE to repent! God wants ALL to be saved!”

Yes Salvation is not an option, it is a command from God himself to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and repent! I am so glad that Jesus Saves!!!

Another event was one lady actor who had been in a bad attitude in the radio show in complete acting…and called me one day after a big irritation and said: “My husband spouted off to me that I sound like my radio drama character and I realized he was right and God used that to see who I truly was! I didn’t like what I saw! And I want God to change me!

I was so happy to share and help this mother of six children get back on track with the Lord!

It was amazing when she the asked:

“Can my character change too!?” Laughing and in awe I said: “Your script I just sent is a prayer of surrender to God!”

Let’s just say when we hit the studio, that prayer was only taken in one try and she meant every word remembering her real encounter of surrendering her ways and daily life to God!

I could go on and on, but will stop here and say: Praise God! And he is still in the life-changing business!


Lesson: Sometimes you impact an untargeted audience!