“The Beginning Adventure!” Really started on the bumpy roadways all across the US as my family and I sang as The Cooper Family!

You should see my original scripts! Squiggles here and there as we bumped along in our 37 foot RV!

Little did I realize the thousands of pages I compiled would ever make it to the airwaves!

My family of 8 would talk about wild adventures and ideas, that poured into episode after episode! Many times we would make a complicated mystery, and wonder: How do we get out of this one!?

My 3 brothers, 2 sisters and mother would scheme and laugh and throw so many ideas on the table that I had to take an audio recorder to get them all!

Character building, Location creating, science materials, and scripting was only the beginning!

With only 400 dollars in savings from high school graduation, I wondered:


  • I record a cast of over 50 voices? 
  • Buy thousands of SFX?
  • I get background music tracks?
  • I pay all the technological engineers!?
  • We afford studio time? And where was a studio? 
  • We direct this thing?
  • We find the cast?
  • We have an audition and where? 
  • You make a script easy for them to follow?
  • All for 400 dollars!?

And the greatest challenge of all: No internet!

What do you do when your friend in radio drama says his first release cost around 60.000 dollars and another drama 250.000$?!

If you are curious about how a radio show operates, I should tell you: This wild tale is an exception to the rule!

As a teenager, God did so many miracles on my behalf, that I cannot wait to get started. There are so many, I am forced to write one article at time!

I was told by a gentleman in radio:

Your ministry is just like the bumble bee! Many say that Coral Island would never fly on such low funding, but the LORD has shown that MIRACLES happen, and there’s nothing scientific about it!”

He proceeded to tell me it is scientifically impossible for the bumblebee to fly!

It’s true. Scientist have weighed the overall weight of Mr. Bumble and after taking consideration of it’s speed, weight, body mass, and wing-span, they discovered that in the field of aerodynamics he cannot fly! Experiment after experiment displays a beautiful……CRASH landing!

How can it be that the bumblebee cannot fly when we see them buzzing around today?

Does this tell us that the field of science is a worthless field?

Not in the least! This simply implies that MIRACLES are happening all around us beyond scientific explanations and human reasoning!

What are miracles? Let me make an acronym for you:

  • Mankind (US)
  • Intellectually (MENTALLY)
  • Recognizing & (SEEING)
  • Acknowledging (AND TAKING NOTE OF)
  • Creator (GOD)
  • Law-violates (GOING AGAINST LAWS)
  • Experiences (BY THINGS THAT HAPPEN)
  • Supernaturally!(OF HIS OWN POWER)

In Coral Island Adventures, I want to share with you those miracles!

As far as I can estimate, this 1.000.000$ ministry has operated for pennies on the dollar! The Lord has shown us that beyond the dollar, miracles -beyond human reasoning- keep the ministry afoot!

And God provides the nectar that keeps this bee buzzing with activity for the LORD! And he uses beautiful flowers: People just like you!

In the next article, I will share with you little miracles that led up to where we are today! Don’t miss the next one coming soon!