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Beyond the Microscope!

By Coral Island | Apr 5, 2016 | Comments Off on Beyond the Microscope!

When we look at God’s plans, we always seem to have our own options laid out on how to perform them: Plan A, (B, C, and how-many-ever) until God finally gives us a thumbs up! But when God asks for something, he already has the exact way laid out: A specific path he wants us…

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2 Motors Under 1 Hood

By Coral Island | Dec 11, 2015 | Comments Off on 2 Motors Under 1 Hood

When the Lord works he always surprises! Founder of VCY America and dear Friend of mine: Vic Eliason (Grandpa Vic) called me during the process of finding someone to do the radio drama and was trying to find a group up his way in Wisconsin to pick up the drama and do it in VCY’s…

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Outside The Box

By Coral Island | Oct 12, 2015 | Comments Off on Outside The Box

Outside The Box My intention was to supply the episode scripts and hand them to an organization to perform. It sounded simple. The question was who!? And even if we underwent such a task was the a guarantee of airing!? I was uncertain how they would ever go across the airwaves! While talking to the…

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One BIG Science Ignoramus!

By Coral Island | Aug 24, 2015 | Comments Off on One BIG Science Ignoramus!

One BIG Science Ignoramus! My journey in the scientific field of study began at age 11 when realizing dinosaurs was a reality not a fantasy! 2001 “Dinosaurs are a myth scientists created to prove evolution.” I was so confident that I was correct. “All those bones are either fake or to an animal existing today.…

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Mr. Bumble Is Buzzing with Mystery!

By coralisland | Jul 12, 2015 | Comments Off on Mr. Bumble Is Buzzing with Mystery!

“The Beginning Adventure!” Really started on the bumpy roadways all across the US as my family and I sang as The Cooper Family! You should see my original scripts! Squiggles here and there as we bumped along in our 37 foot RV! Little did I realize the thousands of pages I compiled would ever make it to the airwaves!…

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