When we look at God’s plans, we always seem to have our own options laid out on how to perform them: Plan A, (B, C, and how-many-ever) until God finally gives us a thumbs up!

But when God asks for something, he already has the exact way laid out: A specific path he wants us to walk, which I should add is rarely on the practical side! Sometimes we are looking at our own agenda through our human-tainted microscope seeing all the prerequisites, and shutting out God’s options out of our view! Which view would you prefer? The Human Microscope or the God’s-Eye View!?
When the microscope begins making our plans seem like we’re looking into a kaleidoscope, you know there is a problem and that the only one to make heads or tails of things is God!
Sad that we as Christians never make God the first resort, and come to him after making a large mess of things!
Well it seemed that while I was looking through a microscope of Coral Island’s Beginning, God was smiling and saying, you’re gonna need to look at it like I do. Through the eyes of FAITH!

I began to see God had his own ideas during the first Audition on June 9th 2012.
I was getting nervous at the lack of people available when all the sudden God started sending families to my church I had never met before who wanted to jump in!
After those dear ones who began encouraging me with my goals, we only received 25% of the actors I needed, and some were not exactly what I was looking for!
By the end of the audition, I was so discouraged, I went back to God! Hey God, um, what do I do now!?

God’s response was not what I had thought:
“Okay, you have some use who you have: look at the script and pick the episode with the least actors and work with what I have given you! Start the recording schedule!”

What!? So I found Episode 6 The DREIM Machine Catastrophe was the one with the least actors and scheduled the recording!
July, in the extensive heat, we began and was half way through when we lost 4 of the 8 channels on our digital mixer/recorder.
In devastation, everyone went home with an incomplete project.
Once again, I felt I was back to ground 1!
Ian Bultman and I got on the phone and began searching through manuals on the mixer and concluded that it was not the operators! The mixer had fried. It was toast.
And so, by faith, without equipment we decided to stick to the schedule and record in August with no equipment and missing main actors, and well, I can hardly wait to tell you what God did next!                                                                                                                                      More to come!