About Us

What is Coral Island Adventures?

We are a Radio Program as well as Audio series. Dedicated to Christianity, Creationism and Science! If you like the Jonathan Park series, Adventures in Odyssey or like audio programs you will find the style and genre of like proportions.

Action! Always something crazy going on in these audio stories! A lot like Adventures in Odyssey and flavored with Scientific facts and nature, Jonathan Park has also been reported as the closest alike to Coral Island Adventures. Over 100 characters so far and counting, Coral Island Adventures is like closing your eyes to a film and watching it all transpire in the imagination!  The acting comes alive with thousands of sounds effects, ambiances, as well as fully orchestrated musical scores. Ratings from our listeners remain high, the voices a unique blend, and the audio engineering has been carefully designed to bring about a live production to your vehicle, or anywhere you might want to take our audio adventures! Going on a long trip? Vacation? Or driving long miles? Grab a download for $1.95, the whole entire series  (nearly six hours) for $22.50, or a 5 disc set shipped to you ready at your door for $25.00! visit the store to purchase or go to the Adventures to read about more! We're running a new sale!


How We Started

I never dreamed on the 31st of December 2009 The Beginning Adventure would launch a whole world of amazing journeys through time, recalling all the great things that could happen in the imagination! I was a writer but I never intended to do Radio Media or Audio/Video work! But when the doors began to open and the Lord began working, it was crystal clear this was it! Coral Island Adventures, Kids Find Truth Science Club and Family Truth Ministries was going to pop into existence in just a short period of time! God's plans revealed a long beautiful journey of Christian audio media, materials, and education to help your family!

~Janessa Cooper- AKA "The Creation Adventurer"

Why Audio Drama?

Music MixerWhen was the last time that you watched or heard something that actually increased your child's knowledge, spiritual understanding, as well as their behavior with applicable life lessons resulting in a better person because of it? Our goal is to implement you as the parent in your endeavor of influence toward the right direction!

And fun for the road! Of course you need an occupation while driving miles at a time! Audio seems to be the key!

The imaginative world is up to the brightness of each little mind! Everything can be formed by them according to what they see in their mind; from the characters appearance, and features to the surroundings, they can piece together the story as they listen that is very hard to forget.

In visual media, the child is being fed everything at once and studies have displayed a remarkable increase of attention spans as well as memory recollections with audio only than visual content!

What is the Radio Drama About?

Just like we have a spiritual battlefront, Coral Island Adventures is a perfect picture of good fighting the forces of evil. Teaching children to do the right thing always no matter what might come their way be it peer pressure from friends, or temptation from enemies. Each episode is specifically geared to teach moral, and Biblical lessons all tied into a crazy adventure with a mingle of science and animals! Our goal is to help expand your child's education, through entertainment that will stick with them for years to come!