Embarking on this journey, we came upon an actor who was missing that needed filled, a boy names Joshua Adams.   We thought we had a Josh, but the boy had to back out due to his job schedule.

Talking to ‘Jayna’ on the phone, which in reality is “Dr. Tower’s” wife Angela, I told her my problem.

She said: “Hmmmm I can’t think of a boy off the top of my head….ohhh wait a minute….wait a minute! My nephew Caleb!”  Her enthusiasm grew as she got off the phone and called her sister-in-law.

Before I knew it the family showed up and I met “Joshua” for the first time.

When he showed up, his seemingly shy mannerisms troubled me. “How could he play Josh when Josh is dramatic all the time, and he’s very shy?

But I saw him shoot alive when I handed him the script! He began to read into the lines of the story like a natural emphasizing all the right points and his expressions made me laugh!

Being able to spend time with these children and seeing their talents explode as they grow older has been more rewarding than you could imagine, and watching their faces as they read about the Bible and say: “Ah that is so cool! I didn’t know the Bible said that!”

Sometimes they would look blankly and say: “That paragraph really changed my life…cause I was doing that and I realized that was wrong!”

The most rewarding thing in the world, was to take the character “Jamie” to teen camp in 2013 see her give her life to Jesus Christ and be Baptized!

A soul was impacted that came straight from my studio!

And even to add icing onto icing on the cake: families have been restored, relationships strengthened and battles won just inside the studio!

I ask myself: If what I see are results inside my camp, how is God using Coral Island to change the world on the outside!


Let us know!