When the Lord works he always surprises!

Founder of VCY America and dear Friend of mine: Vic Eliason (Grandpa Vic) called me
during the process of finding someone to do the radio drama and was trying to find a group up
his way in Wisconsin to pick up the drama and do it in VCY’s studios!

I would have loved to go up and direct but my family could not arrange to move up
there. Thus he found a college that might take up the challenge, but they were not quite

In Brother Vic Eliason’s words, I can still hear the ornery chuckle in his voice: “I want
them to be able to eat, drink, and sleep the drama like you do! And if they can’t commit to
that…well Janessa they can’t have it!”

I still had not considered to do this production myself! Who was I!? Just a singer, who
played multiple instruments across the US with my family!

So when my family went off the road, and I began to see my Pastor on board, I had no
clue what to do! Who could even tell me where to start!?

My pastor told me: “Miss Janessa, I’m no starter, but I promise you, you get this thing
started and I will help you finish!”

Then came the miracle: Grandpa Vic called and said: “Janessa there’s a Pastor doing
a radio drama and I think he can help you: His name is Ian Bultman.”

I was excited! Wow! What to say! Where to start!?

When I called Ian, he was actually on his way to Grand Rapids Michigan to visit Uncle
Charlie and Keys for Kids Ministries!

We began to talk about drama and he walked me through the necessities!


You need to have equipment.
Do you have mics?
Recording software!?

Reflecting back I had asked: “Can you do our drama!? You already have one going
what’s 1 more!?”

I will never forget his laugh! It was obvious he thought: “Janessa, you have no idea
what you are in for or you would not ask that!”

He never said that, but now, I realize the massive ignorance conveyed in just one
simple question of sincerity! This question contained the equivalent of trying to mechanically
fit two motors under one car hood!

However, his sweet compassion toward someone, with no knowledgeable or sensible
idea, blossomed as he began to patiently work with each minute question I had and I realized
that all the time the equipment was in my very hands!

Singing across the US we had about 8 microphones of professional quality, chords,
stands, and recently bought a professional digital Yamaha Recorder for our CD recordings!
Panic set in! ME!? How!?

“Pick a location, and have auditions!” Ian was a great encouragement! Seeing
Brinkman Adventures only about a year into production mode, his memory was fresh about
the beginning stages!


But: Auditions!?

My Pastor: looked over the scripts and said: “I think we should start recording.”
After two years of scripts, one Saturday in August was the beginnings of an adventure
of a lifetime!

And I want to thank Ian, Grandpa Vic and my Pastor and family right now for
challenging me to DO what God had BURDENED in my heart: and like Moses (who wanted
to pawn off his responsibility) They instrumentally helped me to see that God was telling ME
to do HIS WORK of Creation Audio on MY heart not upon any one else!

Has God told you to do something you are waiting on someone else to accomplish!?

And what happens when the work you have to do involves: internet, email, websites,
directing people, technology, and venues you have never used before or are used to!?
The Beginning Adventure was just that!!!!                      More yet to come!

Janessa Cooper