Mystery! Suspense! Exciting Adventure! Celebrating creation, and even more importantly, teaching the Bible and how it can be trusted. All of these are the ingredients of the thrilling radio drama, Coral Island. Janessa Cooper and her team are doing a wonderful job inspiring and equipping children and families around the world with the facts that show the reliability of God’s Word. I am excited about what God is doing through this vital outreach!

-Pat Roy, Creator of the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures

Coral Island is a great tool for teaching spiritual warfare to kids and an exciting adventure for all ages. I've watched a very active 3 year old boy sit for almost 2 hours listening to Coral Island. Janessa and everyone that played the characters did an awesome job making Coral Island seem realistic and easily pulling the listener into an exciting adventure that everyone can enjoy!"

- Hannah Z. Age 21, Nebraska Listener

"We bought your Coral Island Adventures 1 & 2 at the Wichita Home-school Convention in April this year.  Every time we go on a car trip the kids make sure we have our CIA in the car.  We just listened to the last scene.  We started a new Odyssey (we haven't listened to them before) and must say we really like the CIA much better.  We are looking forward to your next release of number 3!!  Is there a way you can put me on a list to notify when it's available?  Many thanks!"

Galusha Family (KS)

"If you are concerned about the media that your children absorb from TV, phone, school, etc., that is worldly; and you are looking for Christ honoring, KJV Bible based curriculum that includes creation, science, history, etc., then this is the Materials for you, your Church, youth groups, and even adult classes, discipleship programs. Take time to contact Janessa Cooper!
Bob Blaine Proverbs 3:5-10 (Facebook follower)

"We love Coral Island Adventures!"

-Dr. S. M. Davis Solve Family Problems Ministries-

"So I have been listening to Series II over the past few days, I finished listening to I think, the 10th episode today. First off its.... AWESOMELY COOL! ...Ok let me say now, I am NOT a person that cries over movies, audio dramas, etc.. (i.e. stuff that isn't in my physical world.) Anyways I was right at the episodes where Josh is in a coma, the Adams die in a car wreck, and everything else. I was seriously tearing up....and I wasn't peeling onions. I guess you guys did such a good job, that it even got me emotional. And that's pretty hard to do with stuff like that. 
Well the album is definitely a ten out of a five star rating...... wait how does that work?"
-Listener from Japan Gideon M.-

My daughter heard me listening and we both thought it sounded like Jonathan Park 🙂

I started playing an episode online in the car, and my kiddos stopped talking and listened...that's Coral Island! my 9 yr old exclaimed 😉

-V. Snow, (Florida Listener)-

     Unlike any other radio drama out there, Coral Island Adventures teaches children the value of Creation Science vs. Evolution as well as amazing facts mixed with a lot of amazing modern technology Mr. Abner has created!

     Unlike other dramas teaching creation, children also are walked through the plan of salvation many times helping equip others with how to be saved. In our events the Bible  is applied through unusual tough situations, plus hair raising adventures and families of all different walks of life!

     Whether you attend school, are home schooled, have a single parent, many siblings, or an only child, this drama covers more than what any drama has ever covered to help children of all ages! We also cover how to help someone who has lost their spouse or their children, children who were born with disabilities and much much more including spiritual warfare wrapped up in an earthly villain out to destroy what is right!

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