About Us

What is Coral Island Adventures?

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The best way to explain it is action packed fun stories filled with science facts and moral lessons! Fully dramatized and geared for the whole family! It consists of audio interaction that comes alive with music and sound effects! Most of all, its excitement and pure wholesome adventures are wrapped up in the moral truths and scientific facts still relevant even in the 21st Century. Enjoy over 50 voices, 1000's of sound effects and exciting orchestral music tracks all wrapped up in some wild crazy adventures!

How We Started

Me1The Beginning Adventure transpired one late night of December 31st 2009. My brother was irritated by the so-called"Christian" Audio drama on a local radio station.  He challenged me to consider producing  pure and wholesome audio adventures for the radio that the entire family could enjoy. And proceeded to encourage me toward the adventure of my life!  I declined with great resistance!  I wasn't about to master that!  I was too young, uneducated, etc etc. and I was convinced it was TOO BIG a task for me to handle!  GOD's plans for my life revealed a long beautiful journey of Christian audio media!

~Janessa Cooper- AKA The Creation Adventurer

Why Audio Drama?

Music MixerThere is a spiritual battle invisible to us, however very relevant in our world today.  Parents and children alike face the devil's demonic forces on a daily basis.  The realization that Satan is just as real as GOD is often overlooked!  Taking into perspective the attack on the family, the Truth, Creation, and our Christian heritage,  Coral Island is a vivid picture of the battlefront we face against the forces of evil.

Millions can go online, or turn on the radio, but few find a source of Truth and Value!  Those of us  that understand the importance of living GOD's standard for Christian living, realize that there is not much to choose from in "Christian Entertainment".  Our focus is to equip the family with a solid source of pure "Christian" fun and adventure, meanwhile, building their faith and understanding in the Truth of GOD's Word, and Creation Science!

Our Statement of Faith